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Enhancing developer productivity

Published: at 07:48 AM

As an engineer, I am always thinking of ways that would enhance my productivity. I have read multiple articles online & watched way too many day in the life vlogs of other engineers (Before you judge me. I know! most of them are pointless). However, none of them seemed to help me “optimize” my time nor my productivity.

However, this post is nothing but a rant. I am sick and tired of listening to other engineers complain about how they need a bigger or more screen(s) so that they can contemplate their life choices by viewing their shitty code on a bigger screen

For God’s sake, use a tiling manager

Yup, it all starts with the most simplest of things like a tiling manager for example.

You might wanna reconsider before you jump the gun and buy that 45” ultra wide monitor. Do you really need it? If you use a tiling manager efficiently, you’ll realize that you can actually get by with just a single monitor.

Some suggestions for window managers would be